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Al Says He's a Drinking Consultant who loves BT1EB;s!

Parsinkler Embedicus!


Robelliko Linko!

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Day X
Big cities, big casinos, the biggest bands and the grandest of canyons!


Listen up and listen good! Al will DESIGN your trip so that you'll be coming back with more friends next time.  


""He's on fire!"


Bob Patterson, Registry of Motor Vehicles

Day 1

Al makes me I lent him my hair


I'm a freakin party animal for Chrykee;s sake (she says)! And I've just spent an unforgettable time with the BIG GUY (with the little tiny poker!)  I hope that little poker of his "short circuits" the power grid and saves my ass from fossil fuels (says we)! Get going fatso!  Save the World!

Day 2

I'm so happy we started off in Vegas and somehow ended up here!.


I'm a party animal who loves nature and animals and private Broadway Bon Jovi performances.  Whatever I wished could happen, Al somehow made it happen! He's the best! (P.S. I'm the one dancing in the video :)


Bjorgah Pregnannta

Satisfied customer from Iceland